Christian Prinz 

Freelance videographer.
Running little prinz productions.
Based in Austria.

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Anadulisan Landscape (01/24) Desertscapes, Iran (02/24) Himalaya (03/24) Reflections on Instanbul (04/24) Sunday Afternoon, Delhi (05/24) Bad Sight at the Tejo River, Lisbon (06/24) Translucent, Iran (07/24) Going for Dinner, Boudhanath - Nepal (08/24) Sleeper Bus, India (09/24) Pushkar, India (10/24) On the Ferry to Penang, Malaysia (11/24) Last Village before the Sahara, Marocco (12/24) The Woods behind my Home in Austria (13/24) Iranian Power Poles (14/24) Chefchouen, Marocoo (15/24) Nights in Rishikesh (16/24) Georgian Greens (17/24) Menara Kuala Lumpur (18/24) Lakeside, Pokhara (19/24) Night Gathering (20/24) Night Stop (21/24) Morning Blues, Cais de Sodre, Lisbon (22/24) Indian Toiletscapes (23/24)

The river that flows in you
also flows in me.

- Kabir